About me

For the past 15 years, I’ve built and led Analytics organizations focused on optimizing enterprise websites, ecommerce platforms, web apps, cloud technologies, desktop software, and mobile products. Digital analytics is the key to effective business strategy and happy customers, both online and offline.

The combination of my visual design talents, capacity for structuring and interpreting big data, and software engineering background have laid the groundwork for an exciting and fulfilling career in an industry that’s always changing and ever relevant.

I know how to create analytics teams of product owners, managers, analysts, and engineers from the ground up, including partnering with offsite groups in North America and Asia-Pacific to complement US operations. Having been a front-end developer myself, I enjoy mentoring engineers and analysts alike.

I make it a point to convert business leaders and department managers into analytics champions, ultimately changing the culture to seek and value quality metrics across all business functions. To this end, I’ve developed analytics workshops, enablement trainings, tools, and easy-to-use dashboards. It’s not enough to have great data; you need to convince stakeholders of the necessity of that data and how best to use it for their own benefit.

My enthusiasm for Data Analytics extends to the industry level. I’m a chapter President/Chair of 2 San Francisco analytics associations and I’ve been a mentor for the DAA’s Women in Analytics group for several years. I’ve accepted invitations to speak at Digital Analytics Congress in the Netherlands, as well as Digital Analytics Hub, Digital Analytics Association, Analytics Nexus, and eMetric’s Summit in the US. I also serve as President of MeasureCamp San Francisco, a digital analytics “unconference” now in its 4th year.

Despite all I know about Analytics, there is always something new to learn and there are always new insights to discover.